OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent True Review

This article mainly introduces whether Onetigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent worth buying. Let’s analyze the real user experience of Onetigris according to the feedback from customers who have bought.

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Brand Introduction

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OneTigris is a group of young hearts and lovers of life, our mission is to empower you with motivation and affordable quality gear that helps you to do more and go further by taking note of the needs of each user and where their heart takes them.

Serving prepared minds since 2014, OneTigris thrives through feedback and co-design to deliver quality, affordability, and flexibility for outdoorsmen. Begin your journey with good gear.

Product Introduction

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This decagonal (10-sided) single-top tent featured in a classic Tipi/Teepee shape, is easy to set up, with only one tent pole, and through its shape provides a rock solid build to withstand wind and rain weather.12.4ft/3.8m in diameter, 7.8ft/2.4m in height, capacity up to 6 people. A top opening for a stove jacket, enabling tent stoves to be used when winter camping. Want a warm and efficient way to camp out with your buddy in the wilderness? This tent will do.


Versatile Hot Tent: 4 Season Tent equipped with stove jack for tent stove, wind-proof snow skirt with heat retention functionality to keep warm in cold weather. The double-door design and the foldable snow skirt can also ensure sufficient ventilation, making it a good choice to use in summer. – Perfect for Family Camping Hunting Fishing and more.
Large Capacity: 12.4ft/3.8m in bottom diameter, 7.8ft/2.4m in height, the capacity of up to 6 people. It provides a roomy space, you can stand in or move inside the tent comfortably
Premium Material: This hot tent is made of 70D coated nylon fabric with a 3000mm waterproof rating, equipped with an aluminum alloy tent pole. Double doors with quality snag-free YNS waterproof zippers.
Dimension: Setup size – 12.4ft(3.8m) in Diameter, 7.8ft(2.4m) in Height; Folded size – 22.8”*7.8”*7.8”inch(58*20*20CM); Weight: 9.2lbs (4.2kg)
Package Includes: Comes with a complete setup kit 1 x tipi tent, tent pole, a stove jacket,24 tent pegs, and 10 guy-lines.


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  • Material: 70D coated nylon fabric
  • Waterproof Rating: 3000mm
  • Dimensions:
  • Setup Size – 12.4ft/3.8m in Diameter, 7.8ft/2.4m in Height
  • Folded – 22.8”*7.8”*7.8” inch (58*20*20CM)
  • Weight: 9.2lbs (4.2kg)
  • Color: Coyote BrownSpecifications #1
  • Material: 70D coated nylon fabric with 3000mm Waterproof Ratings
  • Capacity: 6 adults:
  • Dimensions-Setup Size: 12.4ft/3.8m in Diameter, 7.8ft/2.4m in Height
  • Dimensions-Folded Size: 22.8”*7.8”*7.8” inch (58*20*20CM)
  • Weight: 9.2lbs (4.2kg)

Package Includes

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OneTigris Rock Fortress HOT Tent *1

Tent Peg *24

Guy-line *10

Tent Pole * 1 set

Stuff Sack *1

Stove Jacket*1


  • Windproof snow skirt to keep cold air at bay
  • Waterproof nylon material
  • Tall enough for most people to stand up in the middle
  • Durable snag-free zippers
  • Relatively lightweight at nine pounds


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  • The teepee-style tent doesn’t allow for much movement while standing
  • In rare cases, some of the spike loops may rip off

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True Review

1. I have owned many tents. Never have I had a tent tear at the main points or the spikes it came with a bend. Even Walmart gear never does this. Was easy to set up but just not very tough. Not getting why it is the price it is. Camping in PA, temps reaching -15F with this pair of OneTigris hot tents and a couple of ovens..tents performed great. Didn’t take long to set up and break down. Will be using them again next weekend!——Amazon

2. I set up this tent in the backyard for 3 full months over winter. It went through at least 6 large winter storms, plus plenty of smaller ones. Several times it was out in more than 1 foot of snow. No issues at all. It held up perfectly. We put a small camping wood stove in there and it was a hit with the kids and visitors. Adding some string lights really made it special. Plenty of space. Set up and packed up easy. I was really impressed with this for the price. Far exceeded my expectations.——Youtube

3. I spend my winters in the desert and wanted a tent that could withstand the horrendous desert winds. The canvas tipis are the best… but are too expensive. So I wanted to try a nylon tipi tent and so I bought this one. I am AMAZED at how well it has stood up to prolonged terrible winds. For the low price … it is amazingly good quality! I had 2 problems with it. Dust blew from underneath because if no floor and the other was the flapping and noise. But if you can live with those 2 things… this tent will be extremely reliable and stand up even in desert conditions. The best way to live in a desert in a tent is to drop the tent in the high winds and be in your vehicle which avoids the sand and the flapping. If you will do that… it s is highly recommended. I spent my own money to buy this tent.——Amazon


This hot tent of OneTigris is a great dome tent, which can absorb heat better than other tents. In addition, because it is equipped with a stove jack, you can feel warm and warm all year round.

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