Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Tent: Real or Scam?


When it comes to sauna therapy, the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent has gained attention for its portability and ease of assembly. However, before investing in any product, it’s vital to evaluate its authenticity and effectiveness. In this detailed review, we will explore the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Tent. By examining its specifications, customer reviews, and health benefits, we aim to provide you with an informed opinion on whether this product is a real gem or a potential scam.

Overview of the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent

The Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent is designed to provide a convenient and effective sauna experience. With dimensions of 46″ Deep x 40″ Wide x 72″ High, this portable sauna plugs into any grounded 110 Volt electrical outlet. The unit heats the air temperature from room temperature to 115°F in just 30 minutes, thanks to its infrared light heat lamps.

Key Features and Specifications

The Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent comes with several notable features. It includes a triangular or vertical light box, a cedar pedestal bench or rotating cedar stool, pre-built 2×2 frames available in cedar or hemlock, a thermometer, duckboard flooring, and an all-natural #10 unbleached canvas cover. The tent is shipped in two boxes, with a total shipping weight of 140 lbs.

Infrared Light Therapy and Health Benefits

Infrared light therapy has gained popularity for its potential health benefits. The Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent emits near, middle, and far spectrum infrared light, ranging from 700-5000 nanometers. Some claimed health benefits include the removal of toxic metals and chemicals, decongestion of internal organs, fever therapy for infections, and skin rejuvenation. While these benefits are supported by certain studies and anecdotal evidence, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using infrared light therapy for specific health concerns.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and satisfaction of a product. The Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent has received positive feedback from customers. Users have reported enjoying the sauna experience, with quick heat-up times and comfortable temperatures. Customers have also appreciated the quality of the product, ease of assembly, and its affordability compared to other sauna options. However, it’s worth noting that individual experiences may vary.

Pricing and Ordering Information

The Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent is priced at $1,330.00, with a 12% discount from the retail price of $1,510.00. Customers can choose additional options such as seat type, wood frame material, and light box configuration. The tent can be ordered online through the Cedarbrook Sauna website, and shipping estimates and lead times are provided. It’s important to review the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Conclusion: Is the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Tent Worth It?

After evaluating the features, benefits, and customer feedback, the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent appears to be a legitimate product that offers convenience, portability, and potential health benefits. The positive customer reviews and the company’s reputation in the sauna industry contribute to its credibility. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences, health conditions, and consult with a healthcare professional before using any sauna therapy. Overall, the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent seems to be a viable option for those seeking a portable and effective sauna experience.

In conclusion, the Cedarbrook Infrared Sauna Therapy Tent provides a practical and accessible way to enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy in the comfort of your own home. Its features, positive customer reviews, and potential health benefits make it a compelling choice for individuals interested in sauna sweat therapy. However, it’s always wise to conduct thorough research, consider personal needs, and consult with professionals before making a purchase.

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