Luxe Hercules or Pomoly Dome X4, Which Dome Hot Tent Is Worth Buying?

Dome X4 Hot tent

POMOLY Dome X4 is a free-standing dome-shaped tent designed for winter camping. Dome X4 is a convenient and solid tent for 2 people with a wood stove. When using the inner tent, there is spacious room for 2 people. The 6 tent poles of the Dome X4 are all the same length. The Dome X4 adopts a point symmetric and linear symmetric structure, so it can withstand severe weather and heavy snow.

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Stove Jack with Velcro

The integrated stove jack makes the surface of the tent more flat, the triangular cloth (rain cover) with waterproof zipper can completely cover the stove jack, and the small plackets on both sides can prevent rainwater from touching the zipper.

Ground Sheet with Flame Retardant Fabric

The ground sheet can be fixed by six buckles with adjustable webbing, and one-sixth of the area is made of fireproof fabric, so even if the high-temperature charcoal fire accidentally falls on the mat, it will not be burnt.

Three Doors for Entry and Exit

The three doors of the outer tent are double-layered, and the mesh door can prevent mosquitoes from entering the tent, and both doors can be independently controlled. The inner tent also has three doors, the two doors at the back correspond to the outer tent, and we can easily enter and exit from any door.

Controllable Ventilation

The Dome X4 feature a controllable vent, we can close the vent in the cold weather to keep the temperature inside the tent, and the openable window of the inner tent can control the vent of the outer tent.


Hercules Winter Tent

The Hercules is a huge freestanding 8-person dome-shaped winter tent for ice fishing and camping. It was designed with space and function in mind. The ability to add a wood stove as a heat source and for camp cooking is what makes this large tent unique. You could live in this shelter!

Hercules Winter Tent FEATURES

  • Removable stove jack to add a tent wood stove
  • Vertical sidewalls for huge interior space
  • Removable buckle-in floor for floorless shelter
  • 3 doors for group camping with no-see-um screens
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and seam taped secondary vent rainfly and main outer tent with 4 zippable air vents for improved ventilation
  • Pitch the outer main body without a second vent rainfly for improved view and airflow
  • Large camping cot friendly with stand-up room
  • 10 large mesh pockets on the interior walls to store random things, as well as many eyelets at the top to hang a light or small clothesline
  • Hubbed and shock-corded tent poles for easy assembly
  • No-see-um Bug Mesh on all doors and vents

Dome X4 Hot tent VS Hercules Winter Tent

The Dome X4 is a 2-person tent, so the tent is lighter. Dome X4 hot tent is more suitable for single-person camping or two-person camping.

Dome X4 Hot tent is cheaper

Hercules Winter Tent has a large space, so the tent is heavier and more expensive, which is more suitable for family camping or camp camping.

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