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POMOLY All Tent Stoves Reviews | 2023 Most Complete and Detailed

Welcome to the most comprehensive review of POMOLY’s tent stoves for 2023. In this article, we will delve into the features, functionality, and performance of each of the 20 tent stove models offered by POMOLY. Whether you’re a winter camping enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer, these wood stoves are designed to provide portable, durable, and efficient heating solutions for your camping needs.


POMOLY Tent Stoves


1. Fold X Series:

The Fold X is POMOLY’s flagship tent stove, featuring a fast-fold design that allows for easy setup and packing. Made from titanium, this lightweight stove offers excellent heat retention and distribution. With its adjustable airflow system, you can control the burn rate for optimal heating efficiency. The Fold X is perfect for solo campers or small groups seeking reliable and efficient heat in their tents.


2. Dweller Series:

The Dweller Max 3, Dweller Max 2.0, and Dweller-Ti models offer a range of options for different camping scenarios. These stoves are known for their robust construction and superior heat output. The Dweller series is designed to accommodate larger tents and provide extended burn times. For those seeking lightweight options, the Dweller-Ti, made from titanium, offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio.


3. Oroqen Series:

The Oroqen Max 3, Oroqen Max, Oroqen Mini 3, and Oroqen Mini models are versatile and efficient tent stoves suitable for various camping needs. With their compact size and lightweight design, they are easy to transport. The Oroqen series is known for its efficient fuel combustion, ensuring longer burn times and reduced fuel consumption.


4. Lumberjack Series:

The Lumberjack Max and Lumberjack models are robust and powerful tent stoves, ideal for heating larger tents or cold weather camping. These stoves feature a larger firebox and chimney, allowing for increased heat output and improved airflow. The Lumberjack series is designed for those who require maximum heat and durability in extreme outdoor conditions.


5. Baker Series:

The Baker tent stove is specifically designed to meet the needs of campers who enjoy cooking in the great outdoors. With its integrated oven and stove combination, you can bake, roast, or heat food while keeping your tent warm. The Baker stove’s compact size and efficient cooking capabilities make it a popular choice for outdoor culinary enthusiasts.


6. T-Brick Series:

The T-Brick Max 2.0, T-Brick Ultra 2.0, T-Brick 2.0, and T-Brick Mini 2.0 models offer versatility and high-performance heating. These stoves feature a durable construction and efficient combustion system, ensuring optimal heat distribution. The T-Brick series is designed to provide a balance between compact size and heating power, making it suitable for various camping scenarios.


7. T1 Series:

The T1-3, T1 Ultra 3, T1 Ultra, T1 Mini 3, and T1 Mini models are renowned for their compact size and lightweight design. These stoves are perfect for solo campers or small groups who prioritize portability without compromising heating performance. The T1 series stoves offer quick and easy setup, making them ideal for adventurers on the move.



POMOLY’s tent stoves are a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality heating solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. With their wide range of models, including the Fold X, Dweller, Oroqen, Lumberjack, Baker, T-Brick, and T1 series, POMOLY ensures that there is a tent stove to suit every camper’s needs. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or camping with a group, these stoves offer reliable heat, durability, and efficiency in the harshest outdoor conditions. Choose the POMOLY tent stove that best fits your camping style and experience the comfort and warmth it brings to your winter camping adventures.

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