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This article mainly introduces the development process of several product series from Pomoly and introduces how to select Pomoly titanium firewood stove (Analyzed from the number of campers and stove structures). Read this article, you can have a clear understanding of Pomoly brand. This will help you choose hot tents and wood stoves. Please note that this article is from Pomoly official website.

Pomoly Tent Stoves Series
Pomoly Tent Stoves Series

The development of titanium stove products

Start From T1 Stove

Pomoly started by manufacturing hot tent products, and later developed into a number of hot tent series, such as HEXYARNFORT, etc. As the number of tents increased, we began to study the stoves to be used with it. At the end of 2019, we made iron stoves. With the changes in product usage scenarios, we began to research and produce titanium stoves in 2020. Throughout 2020, we launched four main stove product series, they are T1 and T1 miniTIMBER, and TIMBER mini.

In the beginning, we designed the T1 titanium stove. The design concept of this stove is portable and durable. From the perspective of portability, we need to control the weight and size of the product. Therefore, we use titanium as the main material. This material can greatly reduce weight. Compared with iron stoves or stainless steel stoves, the weight of titanium stoves is only about one-third of them.

In addition, in order to reduce the size of the product, we choose a foldable design. This design can compress the space of the stove body, thereby making the stove easier to store and carry.


From the perspective of durability, we need to control the material and structure of the product. For portability, we have adopted a titanium plate as the stove body material. But it is worth noting that the quality of products corresponding to different thicknesses of titanium plates is different. After studying the thickness of titanium stoves on the market, we found that most of the current titanium stoves use 0.5mm titanium plates, which can ensure that the stove is very light and portable. But its disadvantage is that the product is easily deformed. So we decided to use a 1mm thick titanium plate. This is why our first titanium stove is named T1.T comes from the initials of Titanium, and 1 means that we use a 1mm thick titanium plate. Although the thickness of the titanium plate cannot completely prevent the product from deforming, compared to the 0.5mm titanium plate, the durability of our product is at least twice that of other titanium stoves.


In addition, from the structural considerations, we have made many detailed improvements and enhancements to the titanium stove. For example, the stove floor is the most heated area. In order to ensure that this position can withstand long periods of high temperature, we have welded multiple braces at the stove bottom to strengthen the stove bottom and reduce deformation, as well as increase product life. The same design is also applied to the top plate of the stove. It should be noted that our product design and improvement are always in progress. If the product you receive is different from the previous product, it may be that we have improved the details of the stove based on customer feedback.


When designing the T1 titanium stove, in order to increase the aesthetics of the product, we innovatively added refractory glass to the stove. On the one hand, this piece of glass can enhance the design sense of the product. On the other hand, it can allow campers to appreciate the firewood burning inside the stove. In addition, the visual glass can let campers know when to add firewood. This functional design reflects our pursuit of humanized products. After considering the above contents, we decided to design the Pomoly T1 titanium stove.


An episode. Our first sample used a 0.5mm thick titanium plate, but during the camping test, it was found that the stove was too deformed, so we decided to use a 1mm thick titanium plate.

T1 stove 2021 Update
T1 stove 2021 Update

Second bullet: TIMBER stove

After T1 got the support of camping enthusiasts, we started to study the TIMBER stove. Compared with T1’s folding design, TIMBER uses a disassembly-assembly design. This splicing design further reduces the volume of the stove, and at the same time increases the fun of using the stove. Among the advantages of customer feedback, ease of cleaning is also an advantage that has been mentioned many times. With T1 design and production experience, we quickly completed the design and production of the TIMBER stove. Then, based on customer feedback, we have successively made some detailed optimizations and improvements and launched a variety of titanium stove products with optional glass.

Timber camping stove
Timber camping stove

Mini version titanium stove released

Pomoly has been working hard on the road of designing products. In order to pursue a lighter titanium stove weight, we began to study the mini version of the titanium stove. It is worth mentioning that for the goal of lightweight, we did not sacrifice the material thickness of the titanium stove, because we believe that the thin titanium plate is easy to deform, which is very dangerous, especially once the deformation causes smoke leakage and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning Will greatly improve. So we chose to make a smaller stove instead of a thinner stove. Compared to the T1 titanium stove, the T1 design size of our mini version is only about 70% of its size. Smaller size means lighter weight. This is conducive to hiking and camping enthusiasts to carry. And the stove of this size can be easily put into the backpack after storage. From customer feedback, this stove has been supported and recognized by many campers.

T1 mini wood stove
T1 mini wood stove

TIMBER mini version launched WOLF cooperation version

We are very grateful to Lonewolf 902 for his support and help. To express our gratitude, we launched the TIMBER mini titanium stove in cooperation with Lonewolf 902. Similar to the T1 Mini, this product is only about 70% of the size of the TIMBER stove. The products of this series are combined with Lonewolf 902, and the icon of Lonewolf 902 is printed on the product. If you like Lonewolf 902 or he provides you with help, you can buy this product to support him. We think that while Lonewolf 902 helps us introduce products to his fans, we will also try our best to introduce this high-quality influencer to our customers or people who like camping. This is based on the concept of cooperation based on mutual trust, mutual help, and common development. Hope to get your support.

Timber mini tent stove
Timber mini tent stove

How to choose the titanium stove?

Selection based on the number of people

If you are camping for 1-4 people, T1 and TIMBER series stoves can provide you with cooking and heating functions. But be aware that if you burn the stove at night, you need to add firewood several times to prevent the stove from going out.

If you are camping alone, T1 mini or TIMBER mini will be a good choice. These two stoves are specially designed for single camping. However, due to the small size of the woodstove, the firewood burns a bit faster, and it is necessary to add wood in time.


Selection based on camping forms

If you plan on hiking and camping, we recommend T1 mini or TIMBER mini. These two stoves are not only light in weight, but also can be easily fitted into your backpack.

If you are going to camp in a car, choose T1 and TIMBER series stoves to make your camping more comfortable.


Selection based on the stove structure

If you prefer a simple assembly process, T1 and T1 mini-series tent stoves are very suitable for you. You only need to unfold the walls and legs of the stove, and the assembly of the stove is complete. It is also easy and convenient to store.

If you like DIY and appreciate the design elements of the product, TIMBER and TIMBER mini are more suitable for you. You can build and disassemble the product by the manual assembly.


Selection based on stove side wall glass

For customers who are looking for a lighter stove, you can choose a stove without glass. The weight of refractory glass and titanium plates of the same size is different. For example, the weight of TIMBER Lite is 4.8lb, it has a front door glass and no side glass. However, the weight of TIMBER 3 is 5.7lb, it has a front door glass and two sidewall glass.

If you want to see the burning status of the firewood inside the stove, so that it is easier to confirm whether to add firewood, we recommend that you buy a stove with refractory glass.

best tent stove collection Pomoly
best tent stove collection Pomoly


Even if we choose a 1mm thick titanium plate, and we have reinforced the stove design, this titanium stove may still be deformed after use. Please understand this issue in advance before purchasing. But you don’t need to worry. What we can guarantee is that in the field of titanium stoves, Pomoly titanium stoves have better quality than other titanium stoves on the market, with less deformation, and better durability. 


Not all our titanium stoves use 1mm thick titanium plates. For example, TIMBER’s titanium stove uses 0.6mm titanium plates. The material is arranged in this way, on the one hand, considering the processing technology, on the other hand, to introduce lighter titanium stove products to meet the needs of hiking campers. For details of the materials used in different stoves, please refer to the introduction on the product page. Regarding the above stoves, we are collecting customer feedback to analyze and develop new products. We hope you can continue to pay attention to us.

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