Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent

Is Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent Worth Buying?

Hammock tents have become more and more popular camping gear. Therefore, Pomoly designed a hammock hot tent. If you like to relax in the hammock, you can try to bring this tent and go camping.

The hammock tarp of the tent is designed by Lonewolf and produced by Pomoly. After many tests, they chose 30% polyester and 70% cotton as the main fabric of the tent. This fabric can balance heat preservation and ventilation. It doesn’t matter if you go camping on a rainy day. The tent is made of canvas with 1500mm waterproof grade. This fabric can prevent you from getting wet.

Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent
Pomoly Hammock Hot Tent

Pomoly designed a fireproof stove jack for the tent. Campers can use a wood stove to cook food and keep warm in the hammock tent. For the entrance to the tent, the final choice is to use the open entrance instead of the traditional zipper door design. They want campers to improve the camping experience.

The tent is set up and fixed with top ropes and multiple wind ropes instead of the frame. It can reduce the weight of the tent. The hammock tent is not only for car camping but also for backpackers. In addition, the area of the tent can be adjusted according to different building heights. If your campsite is on uneven ground, you won’t feel uncomfortable when you sleep. You only need to find a few strong trees to set up your hammock.

The Pomoly hammock hot tent has been praised by many customers. There is no more comfortable way to spend the night in a hammock tent. If you like hammock camping, this tent should be on your wish list.

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