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If you are looking for the best wooden outdoor pizza oven, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics and advantages of Winnerwell Pizza Oven, so that you can choose it according to your own considerations. We will collect real comments and feedback from all Winnerwell. Let’s analyze whether Winnerwell Pizza Ovenh is worth buying?




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What about Winnerwell Pizza Oven?

The Winnerwell Pizza Oven, made of wood, is a camping oven designed to provide almost unlimited cooking possibilities. You can make pizza, toast, fry an all English breakfast, boil water, boil beer, and even prepare Sunday barbecue without leaving the campsite. With additional accessories, you can take your outdoor cooking experience to another level!Winnerwell Pizza Oven is made of 304 stainless steel, so we can rest assured that it will not rust. His weight is 21.5kg, and this oven is more suitable for group or family camping. Not suitable for carrying. Let’s take a look at people’s evaluation of Winnerwell Pizza Oven!





1.Great product and arrived quickly, not used yet but will soon. Needs a larger bag ideally as bags for sale currently aren’t large enough. Oven is well built

(I haven’t bought Winnerwell Pizza Oven furnaces, but this comment mentioned that their packaging bags may be too small. As we all know, today’s furnaces are detachable, and they can be divided into many parts. These parts are very important, so we need a bag large enough to hold them to avoid losing some important things.)

2. I’ve had this in my cart for 2 years now, I decided now was the time! I just received it, and as I will not be camping for a couple months, I decided to set it up over my gas burner on my stove. I set it to medium heat, and the wire mesh below seems fine even though the flame sits directly on the mesh, as opposed to the oven sitting on one of those wood burning oven type setups. The stove sets up very easily, and I was able to fit a 10″ x 10.4″ pizza stone inside of it! The oven took about 30 minutes to heat up to 415 as I did not want to “blaze” the heat too high and risk messing up the wire mesh, although I am sure there is a way to change out this wire mesh if it ever does become stressed or torn. The pizza I cooked literally cooked in like 7 minutes on that pizza stone, and I can’t wait to bake some bread and make brownies all in preparation to do the same thing up at the Continental Divide (I live in Denver, Colorado) but making brownies for me and some friends while at 13,000 foot elevation 😀

(Winnerwell Pizza Oven has a lot of functions. It can not only control the fire temperature, but also install a barbecue rack on the stove. It has a complete range of functions. The stainless steel can also be used for a long time! The use experience in this customer is great.)



3. First time attempting to use it… was concerned because temp never got above 250 and rarely hit that, even when the Pipe Oven was rocking to 400 degrees. Didn’t use it then.

Second time. Use regular oven gauge to see if it was the gauge that was off… and it was about 100 degrees. So cooked rice and it turned out PERFECT.. just cooked it a bit longer. Tried baking zucchini bread in folding oven as well as the pipe oven. Folding oven probably would have gotten it cooked… but decided to rotate pans around because pipe oven was cooking the bottom pan FAST… in 15 mins it was browning the sides too much, but bread was rising nicely. Top pan was coming along like normal. All turned out… just two pans were bit much burned on bottom… only because I put it in the pipe oven bottom shelf. Will use different gauge to see if the heat is too hot in the pipe oven. Over all LOVE THE OVENS and STOVE!! Haven’t used the water tank yet. Highly recommend Winnerwell… they shipped a new glass QUICKLY after shipment arrive with broken glass in stove.

(I can already imagine the scenario used by the seller. In general, Winnerwell Pizza Oven, there is no big problem, but there is a problem of broken glass, which is very troublesome. It may be an error in packaging. If I receive a broken furnace, it may waste me a lot of waiting time.)


According to the real comments of these buyers, we can see that the design of Winnerwell Pizza Oven is actually in line with people’s needs, but there are still some changes in packaging, such as making the packaging bag bigger, even designing the fixed position of each part in the packaging bag, and packaging fragile glass separately. My friends, if Winnerwell changed their shortcomings, would you buy Winnerwell Pizza Oven?

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